The 10 Secrets to Happiness

If you enjoy reading my blog, then you will love my new book "The 10 Secrets to Happiness". It is available on Amazon as ebook and paperback - order your copy today!
Everyone is passionate about something. I am passionate about  making a difference, about making the world a happier place. So over the last 10+ years, I have made it my mission to find the Secrets to Happiness. I then took three years to translate all my findings and stories into a very insightful, easy to read book summarising the essence of my quest: The 10 Secrets to Happiness. The book is complemented with many interesting, real-life examples and a selection of simple, powerful exercises to help the reader start creating a life full of joy, and find happiness no matter what the circumstances.

Imagine if there was just one thing in this book, just one idea, exercise, tip or method that would make you a happier person, permanently. Wouldn’t that one thing alone make it worth reading this book, and sharing it with everyone you know? It's time to take charge of your happiness - order your copy of ‘The 10 Secrets to Happiness’ today. It's a good one!
Here is what the first independent Amazon reviewer said about the book:

The best book I’ve read this year… a truly inspirational read!
This book is quite simply an amazing read. As the author states "everybody deserves to be happy" and this book gives you so many great ideas to improve your approach to life and become a happier person. I now know so much more about the 'Law of Attraction' too and am so glad that I was attracted to read this inspirational book.